Introduction: Make Do-decahedron Lamp Using Fusion360

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hii Creaters,

Do-decahedron means which geometry have 12 sides.

This Project is combination of three processes .

1 -- Laser cutting

2 -- Knitting with Cotton Thread

3 -- Electronics

Buy Supplies stated below for make this DIY project.

Let's go For making This Lamp.


1>MDF board (400x 400 mm)

2>Cotton Thread

3>Needle for thread

4>5 Meters LED Strip any colors

5>12 v Adapter

Step 1: Laser Cutting

In First step we cut MDF sheet in Pentagonal shape stated in image .

I am using Fusion360 for design this Pentagon shape for lamp.

I attach short video for how to make this Do-decahedron Lamp in Fusion360 .

Link : video link

Step 2: How to Assemble Using Thread

While design we make hole at circumference of Pentagon for Knitting with Thread.

1 -- Insert Thread into Needle Hole.

2 -- Start Knitting from any side of both pentagon.

3 -- Take two pentagon and Choose any one side for start Knitting.

4 -- When you Finish one side make Knot at end of the holes.

5 -- Repeat this procedure for all 5 side of 1 pentagon.

6 -- After This step you have 5 pentagon attach with 1 pentagon sides.(1 Middle and 5 at side).

Step 3: Knitting Work Flow

7 -- After Knitting Two Pentagon from one side , Repeat this procedure for Same pentagon with another 4 pentagon.

8 -- After knitting 6 pentagon you have one pentagon knitting from all side in center and another 5 pentagon connect from all side of center pentagon.

9 -- Repeat this side by side knitting for another 5 pentagon for making Dodecahedron.

10 -- When you have 1 pentagon left you need to knit it from one side for working as lead (close or open Dodecahedron).

Step 4: Finish Knitting

Use all side of pentagon for joining by Knitting and after joining 11 Pentagon you have 1 Side open in


For making Lamp, We need to open it from one side for inserting LED strip.

Unwind LED Strip and test it with 12v adapter.

I have white LED strip , you will buy any color LED Strip or RGB LED strip for lightning.

Step 5: Light It Up Using LED Strip

Attach Last Pentagon From One side Through Thread.

Fill Flexible LED Strip inside Do -decahedron.

Attach 12v Power adapter with LED Strip for light it up.

Use thread and Knit any 2 sides of open pentagon .

Now you have Do-decahedron lamp Ready for use in your home.

You will Hang it on wall ,make lamp stand for night lamp.

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