Introduction: Make Hundreds of Covid-19 Masks for Less Than $20

Just like thousands of others, I was unable to find surgical masks when the coronavirus outbroke. Therefore, I had to improvise. I used some leftover weed barrier cloth ($15 for 150 sq ft). First, I cut a square piece.

Step 1: Next, a Little Bit of Sewing..

I folded the square piece of cloth at the middle, then sewed around the edges to obtain a rectangular piece. I then made two small horizontal folds, but 3 folds might work better. Optionally, if you have any old masks, you can recover the metal piece that goes across the nose bridge and sew it into the upper edge of the mask. I used the elastic stripes from an old sleeping mask, and... voila. Next step, testing the efficacy.

Step 2: Testing the Mask

Place a spray nozzle (deodorant is fine) behind the mask, and point it at a mirror. Spray a couple of times and observe the amount of moisture going through. It is virtually none. I am able to breathe normally through this mask. For me, this is a temporary solution until I find commercial surgical masks, but so far is serving the purpose very well. It is probably not as effective as surgical masks, but again, it is a good temporary solution.

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