Introduction: Make It Move Lazy Susan for Contest

This is something that you can build and 3D print to put on your table or somewhere. You can use this to pass food around on your table or to show something off in 360 and many more. I think it might be fun to make this during quarantine so you won't be board and you will have something to do to pass time.


You will need a motor if you want it to move you will also need a computer and Tinkercad on your computer and a 3D printer if you would like to print it.

Step 1: The Outer Ring

This is the outer ring it will hold the inner ring but still have it so it can turn. This outer ring will also be connected to these pegs that hold up the whole thing. This will be the longest time to print because you will need to add supports so it prints the way its supposed to.

Step 2: Build the Outer Ring

This will be the biggest thing to build but also pretty easy part. You will take a cylinder and place it down in the center of the build area you can make it any size you want it. After you did that then shrink the height down to about 20 mm so you can see the whole thing. When you have finished that you are going to take another cylinder and turn it so it's clear and then make it smaller then the other cylinder by about 15 mm from the outer edge of the solid cylinder. When you have done that make the clear cylinder taller than the solid cylinder on the top and bottom then drag over both cylinders and on the top right corner of the page click the button that says group. Make another cylinder that is clear and make it about 2 mm wider than the cylinder that was clear and 2 mm from the top and bottom and then place it in the ring shape that you have than also group that with the ring. Now we are going to make the things where the legs go into to hold it up. You are going to make a cylinder that is solid and another cylinder that is clear and make the clear cylinder smaller than the solid cylinder by about 1 mm and then group them together. You are almost done then copy and paste 4 of the peg leg holders then place them in a square shape around the ring.

Step 3: The Inner Ring

The inner ring is what spins inside of the outer ring it is pretty easy to build and is the second biggest thing to build.

Step 4: Build the Inner Ring

To build the inner ring is pretty simple I suggest that you create a new design so you have a new work area. You will have to get the cylinder again and make a pretty big size so you can see it then shrink the height to about 20 mm. After you have created a cylinder create another and make it so it's clear then make another ring like you did for the outer ring. This is the last step take a useful gear and make it a big size so the end of the pegs are inside of the ring turn the gear clear and then group it all together and you got an inner ring.

Step 5: The Peg Legs

These peg legs are the thing that are going to hold up the whole thing but they are also easy to build.

Step 6: Build the Peg Legs

To make the peg legs you will need just the cylinder shape. Take the cylinder piece and have it going strait up. Take two more cylinders that are the same size as the first one and angle them at around 25 degrees facing at the first cylinder then make sure that they are all merging at the bottom of the first cylinder. Need two more cylinders and they are going to be on the bottom of the angled cylinders they are also going to be strait up like the first cylinder. Merge all the cylinders together and then copy and paste so there are 4 of them.

Step 7: The Gear

The gear is what you connect the motor if you want one you can skip this step if you don't wont to.

Step 8: Build the Gear

The gear is the easiest part all you have to do is take the useful gear and that is it. You also have to make sure that the gear lines up with the inner gear so it works. You will have to put a hole in the gear depending on what type of motor you have.

Step 9: Plate Lifter

You can make this out of wood or 3D print this all you have to do is take two rectangles that fit on the inner ring so the plate is resting on this and it can spin.

Step 10: Conclusion

This sums up the lazy Susan I hope you enjoy. Make sure that you have double checked that all the things fit together if you are going to print them.

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