Introduction: Make LadyBug Simple Cheap Vibrobot

The first video I watched on youtube had surprised me with its simplicity and imagination of its author, it was the vibromotor his old laptop he had mounted on the head of a toothbrush, a simple robot, it was really surprising?
Since I have seen many others, some of which were IR drived but this simple vibrobot stuck in my memory and I decided to build my vibrobot.

I gave it a look of  ladybug because this insect is useful and beautiful with its red or yellow wings with black dots.

Sorry for my poor English !


the number of the description is the same as the number of the picture
1) one Buzzer from mobilephone or one micro motor from mini helicopter  and half of  M2 or M3 nut
  glue the half nut carrefully do n't put glue inside motor
2) one piece of felt pad cut from a stick in which the chair legs
3) piece of copper plate for electronic
4) cork with plastic head
5) piece of plastic cut from a bottle of household cleaner
6) small strip of copper recovered from a 4.5 volt battery type plate
7) LR44 button battery
8) double solder pin male pcb (Inter on / off)
9) female rider PK10 (Inter on / off)
And  electric flexible wire 0.25 mm ² (approximately) 2 red and black colors

Soldering iron
two component epoxy glue or stick for hot glue gun
red and black paint (or felt color  pens)


1) cut the cork and felt as following picture 1

2) cut the epoxy plate and make the separation of the + and - with a blade
saw (or a cutter carefully risky)
after you can tinI (is better)
 soldering brass lamella (recovered 4.5 Volts on the stack) in the middle of the band reserved for the most of the LR44 +
soldering jumper twice on the side of the same band, the lowest pin is in direct connection with the addition to the LR44
the upper pin is connected to the motor by a flexible wire red later

be careful not to short circuit between the + and - by welding various elements
on the way the blade + and pin switch on the vertical strip
red and black son that go to the motor pathway is also
the black wire must be welded up on the side with a very flat welding
to avoid short-circuit the + on the battery LR44

paste together as in the following picture with the 2-component epoxy adhesive
Do not use acrylic glue such as Loctite super glue elles'infiltre in the felt and it loses its flexibility


Now you can put the engine on the felt but before pasting, check the movement of vibrobot so it does not always turn around.

1) fix the motor between two needle pinhead soldering the wires, connect the battery
and swich following the movement guide the motor left or right until you see the movement fits the design on thefollowing picture:

when everything is OK you can stick the motor 

Step 4: Glue and Paint All

it only remains to make wings and head and paint all
the head is made with epoxy dough is currently of plant peite After copper wire 6/10
of mm before it hardens, the head of the wings are glued with superglue
and here are all painted a picture of the set:


to improve moving directory you can create an angle of up to 2mm 8mm wide on the rear cap


Here the functional  scheme

and I joined in the zip file  ladybug.wings 3D file that I could achieve with the software Wings3D.
you can download it at this link

and ladybug.wrl file for Blender
you can download it at this link

Enjoy your self and vote for me Thanks

Step 7: Video LadyBug

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