Make Mobile Tripod for Doing Instructables

Introduction: Make Mobile Tripod for Doing Instructables

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Doing a diy can be a challenge or simply just frustrating to get the right camera shots that are steady with clear lighting.

For this instructable my solution was to convert an old broken fan and make it a mobile tripod with backlight.
Since the stand can rotate and be adjusted to any height of work spaces it was simply perfect.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

➫ Fan with stand.
➫ Lamp cable with a switch.
➫ Foil and bowl(you can use the wire blade protecter of the fan, i opted for a plastic bowl).
4. Plastic snap hanger.
5. Razor

Step 2: First We Remove the Blade and Motor

➫ To remove the blade and wire shield, @ the center of the blade you will find rotation instruction or direction guides to remove(apologies for no picture).
➫ for the motor there should be a screw securing the rod that rotates the fan, unscrew and pull the motor up.
➫ i cut the cables as the switch cover screws where blocked

Step 3: Preparing the Light 1

➫ unscrew the back lid and remove the cable.
➫ using the lid and bulb hold, circle around with a marker
➫ cut the smaller circle of the bulb holder.
➫ test if the bulb hold fitz.

Step 4: Preparing the Light 2

➫ cover the inside of the bowl with foil.
➫ punch a through hole

Step 5: Position the Light

➫ position the bowl to see where is to be put.
➫ cut two lines so the side of the bowl can slide in.
➫ slide in the bowl to check if it fitz.

Step 6: Position the Light 2

➫ insert the cable through the space @ the top of the stand and put in the bulb back lid as well.
➫insert the cable through the bowl and screw back the cables into the bulb holder.
➫slide in the bulb holder into the bowl and screw the lid back.
➫ test the bulb.

Step 7: Preparing Phone Holder

➫Position the grab hanger @ the bottom and making sho it's on a level that hon't create a shodow of the phone when recording.

With a hard thread or wool wrap it around tripod

Step 8: Finalizing the Project

Close the cover and test shots on your workspace.

Step 9: Teaching Time☺

➫With workstation set, time to enjoy without having any1 to hold the camera.
➫For capturing still shot you can set timer capturing or record a video that shows the whole process.

Thanx for checking this out

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