Make Portable Digital Height Gage. Made in TechShop Detroit.




Introduction: Make Portable Digital Height Gage. Made in TechShop Detroit.


Nowadays, digital calipers are very inexpensive and part of makers daily tools when designing things. It is very portable as well.

Ocassionally, we would need to use a digital height gage. I recently created 2 hemispherical parts out of ShopBot. I intend to glue them together to produce a 3" sphere. I cut them off the bandsaw with a slight extra thickness to sand off before gluing them together. But I need a precise measurement of 1.5" height on each.

Here's a list of inexpensive digital calipers.

Step 1: Creating the Base

* The base is formed by stacking 3 pcs 3" diameter disk.

* Each disk is slotted 3mm to the center. I used 3mm because this make the caliper lip snuck tightly to the base.

* Note that the caliper lip need to be slightly below the top surface.

* I put a 3" diameter acrylic on top.

Step 2: Instruction

* For many, the use of the digital height gage need no further instruction if you have used a caliper before.

* Pull the upper lip all the way to the base.

* Turn power on and/or zero it.

* Select unit: mm or inch.

* Raise the upper lip.

* Position part and slide down upper lip and read the height.

Step 3: Safety Precaution.

* As with any instrument, safety is number one priority.

* Use this setup for short and transient use. Disassemble when not in use.

* Avoid having children nearby.

* Note the pointed hard object standing up.

* Note too that the pointed hole depth measurement sliding part (when upper lip is raised) could be sticking out.

* Best is to disassemble this right after use.

* The author is not liable for any injury to anyone.


Thank you for your time. Happy Holidays.

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    5 years ago

    Nice instructable, it got me thinking...I believe the "sliding rod" you refer to is used for height. It can also be used for measuring depth of holes. I have to admit, I didn't think to use it that way until I saw this instructable.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I meant the body of the caliper and the mid section if left standing up could be unsafe.

    Yes. If you need to measure inside depth, you might not want to cut that part off.

    Thank you for your comment. I corrected some typo to clarify the line.