Introduction: Make: Sanitary Door Handle Using Foot to Open - Simple to Make

To minimise contact with contaminated door handles this solution lets you open many doors using the sole of your shoe instead of your hands. Eg exit door of public bathrooms, laboratories so staff don't have to contaminate gloves, shared workspaces, schools, building entrances or cupboard spaces with dustbins. This instructional has enough material to make 16 handles from one 3 in Square long aluminium rod around 1meter or 3 feet long so the unit cost is low. If you are handy please use this opportunity to make some for yourself and your community so you can donate these where they can be put to good use. We can all be part of slowing viruses like the coronavirus and bacteria down.


Essential Supplies:

T6 extruded aluminum 3 in x 3 in (3 feet) eg

3 long bolts with washer and nut per opener. (so 48 bolts is best)

Essential Tools:

hacksaw (Electric is faster if you have access to one)

metal drill bit 4mm and 10mm


metal file



Valuable Optional: Vice or Clamp to hold parts with.

Step 1: Gather the Essential Tools

Step 2: Mark Cuts

Mark a 12,5cm line around the Aluminium profile

Step 3: Mark Secondary Cuts

Mark a Line 1cm along the opposite edges of 2 opposite side of the aluminium profile

Step 4: Saw of the Marked Part

Step 5: Saw Apart the Two Identical Parts

Step 6: Drill 3 Holes As in the Pictures Below

Step 7: Mark Out Corner Cuts

2-3cm is suitable

Step 8: Cut of 2 Edges

Step 9: Finnish of Smoothing Edges As Good As You Can

Step 10: Install on a Door - Video