Introduction: Make Shift Compass for Drawing Circles

These instructions show how to draw perfect circles to almost any diameter, on paper, wood or whatever your project needs. 

Needed supplies: 
1) String or twine.
2) Nail, thumb tack, pin, etc. 
3) Something to measure with (ruler, measuring tape).
4) Pen or sharp pencil.

The project takes only a few minutes to complete.

Step 1: Prepare the Compass Arm.

Take the nail and push it through the string. 

Step 2: Prepare the Center.

Find where the center of the circle will be. Push the sharp end of the nail into the center of the circle. If on paper, you must hold the nail still till the circle is drawn. If on wood, the nail may be hammered slightly into the wood to ensure it stays in place. Push the string down all the way to the paper/wood. 

Step 3: Prepare the Drawing Swing.

Lay a tape measure out, with the 0" mark at the center of the circle. While pulling the string as taut as possible, drive the tip of the pen through the string at the desired radius. The string must not be able to stretch further than the radius. This may take a few times to get right. 

Step 4: Draw the Circle.

Slowly move the pen around the circle. Keep pressure on the nail to ensure it does not move. Do not pick up the pen. Move the pen all the way until the circle is complete. Small back and forth movements work best. 

If you are having trouble holding the paper still while drawing the circle, have a friend hold the paper for you.

Step 5: Reveal the Circle!

When the circle is complete, pick up the pen, string and nail to reveal a perfect circle!

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