Introduction: Removing the Background Noise With Video Mute

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We often when make videos suffer from the background noise which make the video not professional and also makes it a bit boring:(

So I found out about an app called "video mute"

This a very helpful app which removes the background noise

NOTE:- this is only helpful when you are not speaking in the video otherwise you lines will also get removed:@.

Step 1: Images of Video Mute

As you can see above that I can control the volume of the background noise easily:)

Step 2: Adding Text to the Video

Adding text to the video helps a lot...
It makes the video more interesting and lot more fun!!!
There might be many apps which do this but for me the best one is "vont".

It is a really helpful app which has lots of fonts and can also curve the sentence!!!!

It also has many different colours which you can use
Now check out the images

Step 3: Images of Vont

You can add text anywhere in the video which is very cool

Step 4: Making the Video Slow Motion

This is a really cool way to make a short film more long and should be mostly used in videos without any voice

I use an app called "VidSpeed"

This is really cool which makes the video faster or slow!!!

Check out the images...

Step 5: Images of VidSpeed

Step 6: Ending

So these were the apps and tips to make an awesome YouTube video
Hope you liked it and please VOTE guys
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