Introduction: Awesome Cardboard Shooter:Easy and Fun

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I'm going to show you how to make a shooter which is very easy and fun
Materials Needed-
So let's get started!!!!

Step 1: Making the Shooter

So follow the steps:-
->take any cardboard(harder the better)
->cut it in a circle of radius 2.7cm
->make a small cut in the circle cardboard as shown in the last figure(marked with a blue pen)
Congrats!!! Your shooter is ready!!!

Step 2: Designing

You can design your shooter to make it more attractive and cool!!!
I have made a web pattern!!!

Step 3: How to Shoot

It is quite easy to shoot this thing.
First put the rubber band in the Gap of the shooter and pull it like shown in the picture.
Pull it with your left hand and hold the shooter with your right hand.
Now leave your right hand and the shooter is launched.
If you have any doubt you can comment and look at the pictures again.
Thank you for watching and do like!!!!

Step 4: Thank You

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