Introduction: Make Up Organizer

This device helps to remind people to put things back to their original place where it belongs. So it will use light resistor to sense whether the object is put back to the right spot if not the LED light will be on and remind the user that the object is not put back.

Step 1: Prepare Your Material

For this device, you need materials listed down below

1. light resistor x 5

2. LED light x 5

3. Wire x 25

4. 82 ohm x 5

5. 1k ohm x 5

6. Glue x 1

7. Shoebox x 1

8. Scissor x 1

9. Marker x 1

10. Arduino board x 1

11. Plastic board x 1

Step 2: Start Building Electrical Circuit

The light resistor will connect to 1k ohm resistor and both negative and positive also an analog pin.

The LED light will connect to 82 ohm resistor and negative also digital pin.

Step 3: Start Programming

When the light resistor receives a certain amount of light, the LED light will turn on. If there are something above the light resistor the LED will be off. So when we put cosmetic on the spot, the LED light will be off and we will be able to know that cosmetic is put back to place.

Coding for the device

Step 4: Building Your Case for the Device

First, take off the cover of the shoebox. Make the cover flat and add some compartment to create space for different makeups. Make it into 5 different compartments. Wait for the glue to dry out and chisel a hole at each compartment. And then glue the shoebox cover into the rest of the shoebox. Meanwhile, chisel 5 holes in front of the shoebox and put the LED light into those holes. After all the glue dries out, use a plastic board to be the cover of the shoebox.

Step 5: