Introduction: Make Your Instructables More Popular

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Hey everyone it's momo. Are you stressed out by seeing so many popular users on instructables and wondering why you can't get as popular? Well I'll show you

Step 1: Pinterest

It's always good to have a Pinterest. It's super easy to sign up and the whole site's loaded with genius ideas. Look up something you enjoy! Anything works

Step 2: Unique

For extra popularity and views, make something that's never been on instructables before. Like I made my simple, wire heart earrings (idea from Pinterest) and it's pretty popular

Step 3: Fan Fiction

People love anything with harry potter, doctor who, pewdiepie stuff (just ANYTHING nerdy) I made a harry potter lightning bolt ring with his glasses and that's gotten like 5,000 views so far so that's good

Step 4: Check Often

Often check back at your instructables so you can see if anyone has questions, and you can answer them quickly. What I like to do (this May sound a bit obsessive) I check every day @ 7pm and see how many more views I got than yesterday. I then make a line graph;)

Step 5: Everyone Loves It!

Make sure that this is not a subject that you and only a handful of other people will find interesting. Even if it's not a subject your the MOST passionate about, that's okay, it's just to put something there that others will enjoy

Step 6: TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!

Oh my god, this is the thing I'm MOST annoyed about; people make an instructable of the first this that comes to mind. YOU NEED TO BE DETAILED, and be extremely (maybe too much) descriptive, that's okay. But anyways take time to decide if you REALLY should publish this, or if it's just something that's not worth it. Look at popular instructable accounts: scoochmaroo, doodlecraft, jessyratfink, Penelopebulnick, etc. see if you can find anything bad there, I bet you can't :)

Step 7: Be Nice

When you make comments, give constructive criticism, don't tear people down, how would you feel?

Step 8: Have Fun!

I hope you guys make great instructables, I'm checking out my followers pages all the time! So if you haven't already follow the farm family and give a cow it's wings! Love y'all •_£