Introduction: Make Your Own Cologne

There are a lot of people that will spend a large sum of money on perfume and cologne. Why spend that much when you can make your very own unique scent right at home? Just imagine having your own unique fragrance that people will not be able to find in the store. All you need is some Vodka, essential oils, and herbs.


· Vodka or Everclear

o Note: the higher the alcohol proof, the better.

· Top Note oils: (Choose from) Basil, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Rosemary, Mint

· Middle Notes oils: (Choose from) Black pepper, Fir Needle, Cinnamon, Clove, Juniper, Lemon Grass, Rose, Jasmine, or Chamomile.

· Base Notes oils: (Choose from) Cedarwood, Pine, Sandalwood, Ginger, Vanilla, Cypress, or Vetiver.

· Distilled water

· Glycerin

· Glass bottle for finished product

· Jar for mixing scents

· Dropper or pipet

· Aluminum foil

Step 1:

The first and most important step is simply deciding what type of scent you are creating. First you must understand the different levels of scent notes and how those notes come together to create the finished product. First you must pick your top notes. The top notes are the scents that wear off first and lasts typically about 15 to 20 minutes upon application. The middle notes are the ones that wear off after an hour or so and finally, the base notes are the ones that will last on your skin, usually about 5 to 7 hours.

With that being said, pick any 3-5 of the top notes, 2-3 of the mid notes, and 1 or 2 base notes. (Note: a good rule to follow is to pattern the picking of the 3 top notes, 2 middle notes, and 1 base note as a basic formula.) This is the fun part of making cologne by adding different combinations to produce unique scents. Once you have determined the combinations, then it’s time to move to step 2.

Step 2:

This step is simple, but very important to the process. Make sure to clean your jars and ensure the containers are sterilized before starting the mixing process.

Step 3:

Now start the mixing process by adding ¼ cup of Vodka or Everclear to your jar (Note: All the measurements in this step are for producing a single batch of cologne). Next, start adding a few drops of a base note, swirl the solution and then smell, until you get the desired scent. Next, you can add another base note or move to the middle notes. Repeat the process of adding the oils to the middle notes and then do the same to the top notes. Make sure to keep track of how many drops are used of each note and what each scent is by keeping a log in a journal or recipe book. (Note: If you are just starting out, you can split up the alcohol contents into smaller amounts to experiment with different smells.)

Step 4:

Now that you have the scent that you want, you need to let it age. Store it in a dark container or use aluminum foil to wrap your jar to block any light from getting through. Store for a minimum of 2 days or a maximum of 30 days. The longer you store, the stronger the smell. This is due to the fragrances mingling together for a prolonged amount of time. I recommend storing on average for a week. This seems to be ample time for it to age without the scent being too weak.

Step 5:

Now that your scent has aged, use a minimum of 2 tablespoons of distilled water to dilute the solution. (Note: Most people create a cologne for spraying. With that said, add 2 more tablespoons of distilled water to dilute the solution to make the cologne sprayable. Next, you will want to add about 5 drops of glycerin to preserve the scent (glycerin can be found at most pharmacies). This will allow for the scent to last longer in the storage container without being corrupted.

Step 6:

The final step is to pour the cologne into a bottle of your choice for application. It is recommended to use a funnel and to also use a dark bottle so that light will not be able to penetrate and weaken the fragrance. Once the bottle is filled, feel free to test your scent by spraying 1 or 2 sprays lightly to your skin. Now that you have applied your cologne, wear it with confidence and let the compliments roll in!