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Why would I buy a Rubber Mallet? Why should I pay almost $10 for a small piece of rubber and a handle?Well, I can make one with several sticks of Hot-Glue!

In my experiments, A Rubber Mallet is even BETTER than a Wooden Mallet for Chisel-work. Keep this in mind, Fellow Woodworkers! ;)

This project was originally inspired by Chitlange Sahas' Rubber Mallet using Hot glue Instructable. His method didn't work very well for me, So I thought of a different method. Also way funner!

It was a super fun project to make, And I'll keep the intro short. Let's not keep you waiting ;)

Let's get started!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Hardware & Materials:

4 Sticks of Hot-Glue (The 30cm X 11mm ones)

Some Water

Steel Rod w/ a Threaded Tip (Unused part from an Ikea lamp)

Glass Pill Bottle (The bigger the diameter, The bigger the mallet...)


2 Plastic Bags

Tools (+Attachments):

Hot-Glue Gun (The big ones that have a high wattage)

Homemade Wooden Vise

10mm Drill-Bit

Utility Knife

Glass Cup


Electric/Power Tools:





Why: I need a Rubber Mallet!

Safety Gear Needed: Ventilated Area, Leather Gloves, Goggles

Cost (for me): $2.50

Skills: Basic

Approximate Time: 3 Hours (~60% of that was waiting time)

Step 2: Heat Up a Glass of Water

It all starts by heating up a glass of water. This is to stop the glass from cracking from the temperature differences, And to help the Hot-Glue cool down slower (Next step)

I put a glass of water for a little over a minute in the microwave, But a kettle would work too.

I slowly submerged the jar into the water, While being careful to not let it crack

Step 3: Squirt the Hot-Glue Into the Glass Jar

I started squirting the Hot-Glue into the jar, While making sure that no water would enter through the top.

I find it easier to push the Hot-Glue inside, While holding down the trigger

Step 4: Let the Hot-Glue Cool Down

I let the Hot-Glue cool down for an hour outside. In case you're wondering, It was only slightly warm after 60 minutes.

I later put it in the refrigerator, And (kind of)(maybe) forgot about it. It's actually a good idea to forget about it, Because it's better for the Hot-Glue to harden.

Step 5: Smash the Glass Jar on the Floor!

I first wrapped the jar in two plastic-bags, And then threw it on the floor. Surprisingly, It took me about 5 times to even get a crack in the glass!

Just make sure to wear safety glasses, You can never be too safe

Step 6: SAFELY Remove All of the Glass

I looks easier than it actually is, But Hot-Glue adheres pretty well to glass. I smashed it several times with a hammer, And peeled if of with my hands, Obviously with thick leather gloves

Step 7: Wash the Hot-Glue Mold

I wanted to remove all of the excess dirt, And if possible, Also small pieces of glass.

I gave it a quick rinse, Rubbed it with soap, Rinsed it again, Applied more soap, And washed it off. I then dried it off with a towel

Step 8: Cutting Off the Excess Piece of the Hot-Glue Mold

There was some extra Hot-Glue from the jar's "neck". I used a utility knife to cut that off. A "Hot-Wire Cutter" would be better for the job, But I still haven't built one...

I also not learned that this was a different type of Hot-Glue compared to what I usually use, It is way tougher. I was at a Home-Center buying several clamps for my workshop, When I spotted the Hot-Glue and remembered that I'm almost running out...

With that said, Don't mix several different types of hot-Glue in the same mold

Step 9: Drilling a Hole for the Handle, & Screwing It In

I clamped the Hot-Glue mold in my Homemade Wooden Vise, And used a drill to drill a hole in the middle of the mold, About ¾ of the way in. This will serve as a hole which the Mallet's handle will get inserted into.

I next screwed in the handle. Perfect fit!


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