Introduction: Make Your Own Organic Lipbalm

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  Yes you can make your own lip balm from scratch, and i mean from plants to Jar step by step.
(instructions to obtain ingredients are in my other instructables, so these is making it form ingredients. 
What you need
  All Natural and it works better then anything you can buy lasts longer, and very minty

1 Ounce Beeswax
(obtained from bee, wax extraction bee keeping in other instructable)

1 Ounce Sunflower Seed OIl
(Grow your own cooking oil explains how to obtain sunflower seed oil from growing harvesting sunflowers)

1 Teaspoon of Mint OIl
(Mint Propagation and essential Oil Distillation explained in a upcoming instructable)

Small Glass Jars

Two Pots or Metal bowls
One Bigger then the other or a double boiler

Cooking Thermometer


Step 1: Step One: Double Boiler

Ok if you know what a double boiler is, Great rig one up.
Now if you don't its two pots placed on top of each other, The bottom or the bigger pot is filled with water
The top is set into the water and let float there.
These are used to cook thing thing with out the risk of burning them with direct heat.
  Your Lip balm will be cooked in the top pot

Step 2: Step Two: Sunflower Seed Oil

Now that you have your double boiler set up, its time to heat up your sunflower seed oil.
  Check out my instructable about growing your own cooking oil for "from scratch instructions"

Take your 1 ounce of Sunflower seed oil into your top pot
Get your Cooking Thermometer out and heat your oil to 250 Degrees Fahrenheit

Step 3: Step Three: Adding Your Bees Wax

Get some bees! There good all around insects, i suggest everyone have at least one hive, harvest the honey and wax or not, The world could use more bees.
  So with that said
most of you don't have bees so buy some bees wax. food grade this can be bought pretty cheaply and you only need one ounce.
  With bees wax 150 Degrees Fahrenheit is the magic number, if bees wax is lower then 150 it will be a solid. Over it will a liquid, This is the hardest part, If you add to much wax it will lower the temp and the wax will solidify before you can blend it with the mint oil. 
    So with your Sunflower Oil At 250 shave up your wax into smaller pieces or chips or shred it, add the wax to the oil as you stir it with the whisk, make sure the temp stays higher the 150 try to keep a constant 180-200 is good while blending the oil and wax.
Once all the wax is evenly melted and blended in to the oil.
at at at least 18 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 4: Step Four: Add Mint Oil

After growing and extracting the mint oil (instructions for this is coming soon)
Your wax and Oil at at at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit, Turn off the heat, and quickly add and stir in one teaspoon or 1/8 ounce or essential mint oil.

Step 5: Step Five: Pour Into Small Jar

 Now before the mixture cools down to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and becomes a semi solid, and really hard to pour into a tiny jar, Pour this mixture into a tiny jar.
 The one i used is 1 ounce sample jelly jar it works great.

Now you have your 100% natural lip balm.
Let it COOL DOWN! don't burn your lips.