Introduction: Make Your IPod Touch's Screen Look As NEW!!

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This May Sound stupid , but this is a secret of apple stores and Best buy stores ,That actually Works!

And Christmas is Coming The Lucky People That Have One (or Those That Are GOing TO Receive One ) Know how to properly clean it's screen.

Remember that iPhone And iPod Touch's Screen Are Made of a Glass-like material , so , the solution for cleaning those bad-looking grease spots and fingerprints is (drums please ... xp)

Use glass cleaner!!

simple as that!!

This technique is purely optional , it does need to be done , but once every two or three weeks or maybe months , after all your devices are yours

BONUS: The Pictures Have SUPER_SIZED pictures feel free to view them zoomed or Full-screen

Step 1: Finda Stuff

Gather Your Materials :
Some Drops of your favorite glass cleaner (remeber Use the ammonia free variety , since amonia can ruin the protective coating of Pda's And regular iPods

Gather your tools
The cloth included with your iPod touch (iPhone?)
A Cotton cloth , You may recycle something
OPTIONAL:if Your device uses a case you may want to use a screwdriver or your nails to remove it

Step 2: OPTIONAL Remove IPod Touch/iPhone's Cover

I use to protect my Touch with a hard plastic case , which really protects it of dust and scratches , anyway some people like to have they're iP(hone)ods "Naked" xp

Step 3: Remove Dust Using ICloth

Wipe The Screen Using The iCloth , Just remove big dust particles .

(as usual it will not clean it nicely , that's the reason of this how-to)

Step 4: The Magic ..

Add A Few drops of window cleaner to the screen , clean the screen with circular motion ,and the from side to side ( let's do the mario all togehther now!!1 XD , just kidding), Now is as shiny as New , Cool Isn't it ?

Step 5: OPTIONAL Clean Case

In order to keep the iPod clean for a decent amount of time , clean the cover too (if you use one )
using the same method , clean both inner and outer Parts

Step 6: Put Again the Case , Enjoy Our Hard Job , Thanks a Lot

Replace The Top Part Of Case , And Enjoy Your Hard Job , Show To your friends Your (jailbroken?) iPod touch .

Thanks For Reading! Hope This Was Useful!

Oh , And reward yourself with a Burrito , Tasty!