Introduction: Make Your Own Oogoo Ball

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This is a relatively simple idea that can be applied to many different applications. I was actually trying to extrude lines of oogoo onto a ball so I could then peel it off and have a silicone wiffle ball. That did not work well because I did not have any of the right solvent to keep the silicone a fluid.

Oogoo is simply silicone caulk mixed with cornstarch in different proportions. I usually use about 3 part cornstarch to 4 parts silicone. Sometimes a little less cornstarch is nice as it gives you longer working time.

To see How to make oogoo go to this great instructable by Mikey77.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

Oogoo sticks to some materials very well, and there are some materials that oogoo will peel off of easily after curing.

You will need

-100% Silicone caulk


-A smooth plastic ball, most plastics do not bond with silicone so you should be fine, but it will not stick to polyethylene or you can coat your ball with vegetable oil or petroleum jelly. If you don't know then just try a trial piece with a sample of oogoo and your chosen ball.

-a cup and a spoon to mix it, some other nick knacks like a knife and paper towels

Step 2: Mix the Oogoo

You must mix the silicone and cornstarch quickly and then apply to your ball before it hardens. I usually mix slightly less cornstarch them silicone so I can have an increased working time. Plan about five minutes of working time is mixing equal parts. Do mix the silicone fully before applying, work quickly, but so not stress too much about running out of time

Mix the oogoo in small batches and do not try to cover the entire surface of the ball with one batch.

The oogoo will go on sticky and will usually be very messy. Over the next couple of minutes check the consistency of the oogoo and try to smooth it out as much as possible. You can just smooth it at first then later on you can flatten it and work with the shape a little more (closer to five minutes).

Step 3: Layer on the Oogoo

In my case a single layer of oogoo over the entire ball was still very thin and did not feel thick enough. Add more coats onto the ball, but keep track of where you have single or multiple layers of oogoo

This step is purely preference, and I chose to make mine rather thick so my ball would be sturdy.

Step 4: Surgery

In this step you will be taking the plastic ball out of the inside. Just slice an even, smooth line over halfway around the ball with a sharp knife, then slowly peel the silicone off of the plastic ball.

Step 5: Healing

Now the other important part of surgery is healing. Mix up a small batch of oogoo and apply a small amount to both sides of the slit in the ball. Now let the ball take its original shape and let is seal itself shut. If you see any holes then touch up the oogoo to make a perfect seal.

Step 6: In Hindsight

Well, the ball is finished and it is a great toy to throw around or play catch with, and it is a very good conversation starter.

You can also make colored oogoo with linseed oil or powder based paint. A rainbow swirled ball would be pretty amazing. A glitter oogoo ball would also be terrific. If I made it again I would make a colorful ball.

some other uses for oogoo is casting and handle making and many many others. these are just some things I have tried.

I hope you enjoyed this little instructable and please go check out my other instructables.

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