Introduction: Make a 3D Printer Filament Stand

Step 1: What You Need

6 1 1/2inch by 10 inch 1/3 inch thick slats 3 bolts about 1/3 of an inch by 6 inches 6 Washers 9 nuts to match the bolts 2 filament spool hubs (print these) A drill is needed to drill the 1/3 inch holes

Step 2: Step 1 Drill the Holes

Drill two holes in each slat 3/4 inch from each end and equidistant from each side. See the last image for what it should look like when finished.

Step 3: Put It Together

Take a bolt and a washer then 2 slats, another washer then a nut and put together. Don't tighten just yet as you need to have some adjustment room. Move to the other end of one of the slats and repeat the process. Move to the end of one of the bolts and thread on a nut a little more than an inch on the bolt. Add a washer 2 slats, another washer And finally another nut.

Step 4: You Have Completed the Base

This is what the base looks like when completed.

Step 5: Adjust the Top

Adjust the unconnected slats to form a triangle on each side.

Step 6: Spool Hubs

These are spool hubs you can print. The link is listed in the parts section. Take a bolt, thread a washer, 2 slats, a spool hub, your filament spool, another spool hub 2 slats a washer and a nut. ant there you have it a low cost spool holder. :-)

Step 7: Notes:

I removed the washers on the top so I had more room for the spool to turn. Tighten the nuts on the bottom for a sturdy vase. Feed the filament over not under. (Just like TP) :-)