DIY Surveillance/Security Robot!

Introduction: DIY Surveillance/Security Robot!

Everybody likes to drive rc cars, whether it is toy grade or hobby grade. The fun doubles when you got a fpv view in your rc car. But fpv system is a expensive system. A good fpv system costs over 150$. Plust you have to buy a 200$ hobby grade rc car. But you can get some cheap fun with a toy rc car and a webcam package. This compress the cost into 55$ excluding tools. You can also make a optional homemade conductivity detector cum water detector. I made the conductivity come water detector because my car is not water proof and I cannot see water very well in my crappy webcam.

Soldiers, Grab your weapons (err, tools) and double march to workstation!

Step 1: Materials

The materials of this surveillance rover is-

1. Any working toy grade rc car that can support the payload of webcam and batteries. I used a mjx 1/14 BMW M3.

2. Webcam. Wireless is the best option, but a wired will also do the work. I used Logitech C170.
3.Couple of rubberbands.

4. 9v Battery (Optional)

5. 9v battery clip (optional)

6. Usb cable extender male to female

7.Rechargeable batteries for your car and transmitter. Ni-Mh highly recommended because these little vampires suck batteries lifespan pretty fast.

8.A red led (optional)

Step 2: Tools

The tools are-

1. The multimeter for testing batteries

2. Soldering Irons

3. Soldering leads.

4. Scrissors

5. Duct tape ( Not in the pictures)

6.Wire Stripper Cum cutter.

Step 3: Adding the Webcam

For future adjustments, I decided to use rubberbands to stick the webcam into the rc car. I prefer placing the webcam in the roof so you can see where is your car at. My webcam cable was too short. So I bought a usb extender cable and used it to increase the range of the webcam. Pictures will say the rest!

Step 4: Making the Conductivity Sensor

now its time to make a conductivity sensor. It is so simple So I don't need to take pictures. Anybody can ask me if they need pics. The Idea is basic. Simply connect the 9v battery ground with the led's negative and solder a wire from the 9 volt batteries positive and solder a resistor on the wire. I just solder a 2 1 kilo ohm resistor in parallel to create 500 ohm resistor. You can put any resistor between 100 ohm to 750 ohm. The solder another wire to the positive side on the led. Now get the wires out of the cars and lie them in front. When they touches water or any conductive thing, the two wires get shorted and complete the circuit, and the led lights up and tell there is a conductive thing.

Step 5: Completed!

Now your surveillance robot is completed. You can spy on peoples, Uploading a video in youtube about driving a rc car under police car etc. Have fun!

Step 6: Uses

This can be modified or used to police applications, detective application,spying application, security reasons etc.

Can anyone sneak this rc car to area 51?

Step 7:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting project. How did you get the webcam to transmit video? Did it have an on-board transmitter for the camera? thank you.