Introduction: Make a Braided Crotchet Bracelet

Hello! Learn to make this cool and easy crochet bracelet , in just 5 minutes. Watch my video above to learn how to make this bracelet...

To make this bracelet, follow these simple steps:

  1. To start, make a slip knot. To make a slip knot, wrap the yarn around your index and middle finger. Take the yarn below it and pull it through the loop which your 2 other fingers made before.
  2. Your slip knot should be a loop with a small piece yarn next to it.
  3. Now take a crochet needle and put it through the loop. Pull the yarn(the little piece too) to make the loop small.
  4. Wrap the yarn around the crochet needle, and pull it through the small loop
  5. Do the same until it is the size of your wrist.
  6. To cast of, pull the loop from the sides to make it big and put your ball of yarn through your big loop and pull the yarn tightly. Make three more of different colours (colors).
  7. Take them alltogether and tie a knot.
  8. It is time to braid. to braid, spread the chains.
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