Introduction: Make a Button Tray

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A $1.99 round teak tray is easy to convert to a unique button tray. Great for a gift to a friend with a new home, a shower gift or a birthday gift. Wrap it up with a bottle of wine for the perfect gift.

Step 1: Measure and Mark

Measure and mark the center of the tray with four pencilled dots to look like the holes in a button.

Step 2: The Drill Bit

Attach the drill bit that is made for cutting out large holes from doors for locks or cutting holes in drywall.

Step 3: Clamp and Drill

Carefully clamp the tray to a flat surface and drill out the four holes.

Step 4: The Four Holes (not a Rock Band)

The tray is starting to resemble a button but it needs some finish work.

Step 5: Smoothing the Cuts

With medium sandpaper, sand around the edges of the hole and any part that feels rough

Step 6: Give It Some English

Add a little Old English on the sanded wood to even out the color

Step 7: Cute As a Button Serving Tray

Serve your guests, or your best gal or guy a little goodie on this cute button tray.