Introduction: Make a Wood Crab Bottle Opener From a Pattern

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If you want to make a red decorative distressed crab bottle opener to better access your favorite brew or beverage. or

If you are looking for a quick way to reproduce identical items without a CNC machine,

Using a pattern and fixed base router is the best way to go. I sell quite a few of these, so I needed a way to quickly reproduce them. First, you just need to sketch or print out your design on a piece of scrap wood and cut it out on a scroll saw or band saw to use as your pattern

Step 1: Getting Started

Once you have your pattern, you will need to screw it into your wood that will become your finished product. Under that a piece of scrap wood, so the router bit doesn't go into your work table. I use 2 screws that go completely through the pattern, wood, scrap wood, and into my work table.

Step 2: Routing the Pattern

I just use a cheap universal pattern routing base plate that you can pick up at Lowe's for under $20. You will want your router base plate bushing to be close to or a little less than the thickness of your pattern.

I use a straight upcut spiral bit that I got from Rockler. Extend the bit beyond the bushing just slightly more than the thickness of the wood you are routing. Plunge your router into the wood beyond your pattern and bring it in slowly. Follow your pattern in a right to left (counter-clockwise) pattern. Remove your wood waste and suction out the remaining sawdust to make sure you didn't miss any details. When your done remove your screws.

Step 3: Round Over and Clean Up

I like to use a very small round over bit on a trim router to soften the edges.

Then, I use a little wood filler to cover up the screw holes.

Next, it's time to sand. I start with a random orbit sander and finish the hard to reach spots with a rotary tool with a drum sander attachment.

Step 4: Attach Your Mounting Hardware.

I like to use a double keyhole mounting bracket for attaching to a wall. It provides a very strong and stable mount.

Using a framing square mark a vertical line on the rear of the crab as a reference for the mounting bracket.

Trace the screw holes and wall mounting holes with a pencil. Using a forstner bit I drill out a small cavity for where each wall mounted screw will slide into. Finally, attach the keyhole bracket with 3 small screws.

Step 5: Time to Paint

Using acryllic craft paint, I apply a black basecoat to contrast with the red I will use later.

After that dries for about an hour, I apply a crackle medium and spread out with a sponge brush.

After that sits for about 10-15 minutes, I apply the red topcoat using long even strokes.

After just a few moments you will start to see the results.

Step 6: Attach Your Bottle Opener

You can pick up a bottle opener from Hobby Lobby for about $3, but they run them for 50% off quite often.

Center it on the front of your crab and attach with 2 screws. It's not a bad idea to add a topcoat of spray lacquer for some extra protection.

Now it's time to enjoy your favorite brew or beverage in style.