Introduction: Make a Duct Tape Money Pouch

How to create a functional and stylish pouch for money and other items out of nothing more than duct tape

Step 1: Choose Your Duct Tape

For the first step you need to decide what color(s) and type of duct tape you want to make your money pouch in. Duct Tape comes in many different colors and in varying thicknesses. For something like this I suggest using a lightweight thin duct tape, such as a generic brand or Duck brand tape. It should take only part of a roll or one small roll.

Step 2: Gather Your Tools

All you'll need is a clean workspace and a pair of scissors. If you can't find a clean workspace though, any place will due as long as you have enough space to work.

Step 3: Create the Back and Front

This step is pretty simple just take a piece of duct tape as long as you want, about the size of a dollar, but smaller works well to. The process for the back is repeated to make the front. Don't worry if your duct tape wrinkles, as long as it remains relatively even. If you have any extra duct tape hanging off just wrap it around. After you have both pieces made, line the two pieces up and use a single piece of tape to bind three of the sides leaving one of the long sides open at the top.

Step 4: Create the Flap and Catch

The flap is created using the same method as you used in the last step, except make it about 3/4 the length of the pouch. Once you have the flap made cut a hole in the center. You can use a pair of scissors or a pocket knife or something like that. Personally I used my Ka-Bar tanto. Whatever you choose be careful while cutting. After that take a piece of duct tape equal in length to the top of the pouch and the bottom of the flap and use it to connect the flap to the pouch.

The latch is the most difficult piece but is still relatively simple. To start take a piece of duct tape and roll it up tightly. The piece should be about the size of the opening. The tighter it is rolled the easier it will be for it to catch the flap. After you have your piece rolled tightly, take another piece of duct tape and wrap it around the rolled piece so that it can be placed flatly against the front of the pouch. This may take multiple attempts or it may not.

Congratulations! You have made yourself a cheap, sturdy, and functional money pouch! Feel free to experiment with different designs and decorations.