Introduction: Make a Fan With Brushless Motor From Old Photocopy Machine

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I had a lot of old photocopy machine so I take motor from it and try to make Fan With Brushless Motor From Old Photocopy Machine. I use 12V 15A PSU and 12V 4Ah battery for run it when power down. I hope you like my project.

12V 15A Switching PSU video below. I test it by make 775 Motor Flexible Shaft Dremel Tool

You can download my gerber file below and send it to JLCPCB.COM for make PCB online, only 2$ for 10PCB with high quality. I alway do that, i think you can try.

Here is 220V to 24V 15A Power Supply make from old computer PSU

Here is DIY Soldering Iron Station

Step 1: Make a Box

I use wood for make the box. it is not bad

Step 2: Take the Motor From Old Photocopy Machine

I take motor from my old photocopy. it is brurless motor so it need speed control circuit for run. You can download all file below

Step 3: Conect All and First Test