Introduction: Make a Figurine With a Pistol for Glue

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Hello, I present you a way simple to make the edition(drawing) of a figurine with a pistol for glue.I you detail only half of the figurine to save time, it is exactly the same thing for the other one in the face of(in front of) to stick with the first face.

For this instructable, I chose a shrimp.You will need:

- make a supple(flexible) mold on the object which you will choose.

- a pistol with glue.

- of the paint(painting) for model

.- a cutter.

- some paper to be sanded.

Step 1: Begin the Molding.

-After your made mold you can begin to make your edition with a pistol for glue.It is important not to stop in the course of manufacturing.

The glue has to be the hottest possible in the mold, to avoid the defects (see photo 1 and 2).

The glue has to remain transparent till the end of the molding.

-On the photo three after the turning out.
It is necessary to wait at least 10 minutes to be on that the glue is very cold. Here is the first half of my edition(drawing) shrimp.

Step 2: ​Addition of an Antenna

The stage is simple it is just necessary to insert a small metal rod which I warm slightly to melt slightly the glue.

Step 3: ​Molding of the Base.

The same operation as for the shrimp. The glue must be hot till the end of the casting.

Then unmoulding after 10 minutes.

Step 4: ​Finish.

Having ended your castings it is necessary now time(weather) to assemble them.Before painting it will be necessary to cut, and to sand the imperfections.Now to you to play for the decoration.I I use of the paint(painting) of model, in the brush or airbrush (its not necessary).

Give free rein to your imagination.

Some example of my realizations in photo.

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