Introduction: Make a Foot Controller With Makey Makey

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By using the Makey Makey in combination with a scratch game, you can play not only with your fingertips but also with your whole body. With reference to the controller introduced this time, I made a controller that can be operated with foot in using MakeyMakey. Let's make your own controller.


  • Makey Makey Classic
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scotch tape
  • Vinyl tape (insulating tape)
  • Aluminum tape (alternatively aluminum foil can be used)

Step 1: What Is MakeyMakey

MakeyMakey is a device that replaces keyboard and mouse input with a banana or pencil. If you cannnot imagine, you visit the MakeyMakey website. To connect to a PC, insert the Makey Makey's USB. MakeyMakey's arrow keys and space key are connected to the conductor by clip. When the conductor touches the GND(EARTH) of MakeyMakey, current flows. It also flow through the human body. In other words, holding the conductor in the right hand and holding the GND terminal in the left hand determines that the target key has been pressed. MakeyMakeyClassic has terminals on the back of the board that can be assigned to other keys. Also, the keys can be remapped, giving you more freedom.

Step 2: Cut Aluminum Foil

Cut the aluminum foil of the part to be stepped on with your foot to fit the size of the board. And, roll the aluminum foil to make a stick for clip.

Step 3: Paste Aluminum Foil

Paste the aluminum on the board. The board can be anything. For example, cardboard or wooden planks. However, it is advisable to stick non-slip rubber on the back of the board to prevent slipping as you play with your feet. Children get excited and start moving when they start the game. This time, I used a WiiFit (Nintendo Game Controller) board sleeping at home.

When sticking aluminum foil with tape, do not put tape on the part that you step on with your foot. Common tape is insulative, so if you attach the tape, electricity will not flow even if you step on it with your feet.

You can play in this step. Clip the left arrow of MakeyMakey and the aluminum foil on the left side of the board with alligator clips. Similarly, the right arrow connects the alligator clips. Connect the alligator clip to the GND terminal and hold it by hand. If you step on the aluminum plate in this state, electricity will flow to your body, and it will be in the same state as when the arrow keys were pressed.

Step 4: Paste Insulation Tape

It is difficult to concentrate on play game while holding the alligator clips. In particular, young children become more excitive when they begin to play, and can shake and break the controller. .

Therefore, paste aluminum tape for GND terminal on the stepping aluminum part. If the aluminum tape is pasted as it is, the arrow terminal and the GND terminal are short-circuited and the arrow terminal is always pushed. To prevent this, apply insulating tape first. General vinyl tape has insulation properties.

When applying insulating tape, pay attention to the space between the tapes. If the distance is too wide, the small child's feet will be too small and MakeyMakey will not respond when the feet are placed.

Step 5: Paste Aluminum Tape

After attaching vinyl tape, paste aluminum tape. Paste the aluminum tape so that it does not protrude from the vinyl tape. After pasting, connect to the GND terminal with an alligator clip.

Step 6: Play in a Scratch Game

Now, let's actually play. I played in the scratch game "MakeyMakey Great Save!", which is made by me. My child played while wearing socks. But I was not able to play without taking off the socks. I think the child socks were wet with sweat. It helps the current to flow.

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