Introduction: Make a Fruit Smoothie

So one day I was in London Drugs, and found that the magic bullet was on sale. I took it home and opened it up, then started looking at the recipe book, and tried some out. Not only were they not good, they didn't really work in the blender. So I experimented a bit and came up with a great fruit smoothie recipe! (With no added sweeteners!)

For this quick, healthy smoothie, all we need is 5 simple ingredients, some household kitchen utensils and some imagination!

Step 1: Ingredients

So, first things first. Make sure you have all the right ingredients. Here I'm going to be making a strawyberry smoothie, but feel free to substitute the strawberries for any other fruit. The measurements are the same, except for something with a high water content like, well, a watermelon, then you might need less milk and more fruit.

We are going to need 5 simple ingredients

- 1 Banana
- 1 Cup of strawberries
- 1 Small container of yogurt
- About 1/2 cup of milk
- 2 Ice cubes

Note: If you don't have any fruit handy, but you want a smoothie, use fruit yogurt and less milk. If you don't have any banana, use less milk.

Note: Notice there are no added sweeteners! Makes for a diet healthy drink!

Note: This makes one serving. If you have a bigger magic bullet (I have the single shot) and want to make 2 or more servings, just double the ingredients

Step 2: Tools

To make our smoothie we need:

- Magic Bullet (or some other blender)
- Magic Bullet blade
- Magic Bullet cup (w/ Drinking Ring)
- Measuring cup
- Cutting board
- Kitchen knife
- Spoon

Step 3: Blend Ice

The first thing we need to do is blend the ice. I prefer to do this before blending the smoothie because I find the magic bullet has a hard time blending ice. So, put your two ice cubes into the cup, then screw the blade on tightly.

Then, plug in your blender and push down! You may need to pulse the blender a little bit. We use two ice cubes so that they bounce around more and hit the blade more, so it blends more smoothly (Could I say "more" any more? Ooops, I just did)

When we finish, we want it to look smooth. If you touch it, it still might seem like ice just in a ring, don't worry, this is what we want.

Then put it in the fridge while we prep our other ingredients

Step 4: Prep the Berries

While our ice is in the fridge, we can prep our fruit. If you are using strawberries like I am, follow these steps. If not, I am sure you know how to get the peel off or at least make it edible.

To get our strawberries ready, first we need to wash them. Take around 8 berries and put them in a strainer. Then run some cold water and kinda shake the strainer a bit. You can also move the strainer like you are flipping pancakes the fancy way.

----- Core Berries -----

Now we need to core them. Take the berries to your cutting board, then take your knife and point it down in to the berry beside the green part (anyone know what that's called?) Then rotate the berry, turning the green part into a cone-like thing. Pictures describe it best. Then, we cut them in half so the blender doesn't have too much work.

Finally we put them into the measuring cup. They should all add up to around 1 cup.

----- Add to Cup -----

Now take your magic bullet cup out of the fridge, then add the berries.

Step 5: Prep Banana

Now we need to get the banana ready. The banana is used as a thickener, as well as adding some vitamins. If you don't have fruit, use more banana. If you don't have milk (What? No milk?) use less. This isn't like baking, there are no "specific" instructions. Experiment based on what you have. This is more of a guideline. Anyway...

Peel the banana. (Do I really need to tell you how?) Okay, hold the body of the banana with one hand, then pinch the top with the other. Break the top, and then peel it all the way down. Do the same a couple more times

Now we need to cut the banana in half. Again, use however much you think you need, then add it to your cup with the ice and the berries.

Step 6: Add Milk

Well, this step is pretty easy.

Measure out your milk (around 1/2 cup), then add it to your Magic Bullet cup

Wow, this seems short... UH... lets at some filler text. FILLER TEXT. FILLER TEXT. FILLER TEXT. Ahh, whatever... deal with it.

Step 7: Add Yogurt

Add yogurt (yoghurt? Who says that?)

Well, yah, add your container of yogurt to your concotion. One cup is enough, use a spoon to get it out. No need for stirring either, the blender is your stirrer!

Step 8: Blend!

Will it blend? YES! IT WILL!

Secure the lid onto your cup tightly, then put it ontop of the blender. Push down on the cup and blend for 5 - 15 seconds. This is really a 10 second recipie, unlike those ones in the recipie book, because we prepped the ingredients beforehand.

When finished, you should have a smooth texture throughout (Hence the name, smoothie). If you like chunks, leave the strawberries whole or don't blend too long.

Step 9: Finish Up

Now, you made a smoothie! Just add the drinking ring and enjoy! Some people prefer to add protein powder for a workout drink, and some just like it for a snack.

Note: If you are going to add protein powder, mix it in with the milk so you don't get a big powdery chunk when you finish.

DONT FORGET TO CLEAN UP! No one likes a messy kitchen, so throw those peels and cores into the compost, and recycle that yogurt container. Were trying to save the environment here, sonny....
Clean those magic bullet parts also, we don't want gonnohrea and bacteria in our mango smoothie, now do we?