Introduction: Make a Hat on a Circular Loom

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This is an fun, easy to make hat that anyone can make. I hope you enjoy this adorable beanie!

Photos taken by my brother,

Step 1: Supplies

Items you'll need:
-Yarn (all yarn will be fine for this project :))
-Crochet/loom hook
-Loom (You can get a loom at Micheal's or possibly Joanne fabrics, the hook comes with it.)
-Scissors (sorry I didn't put scissors in the picture...)

Step 2: Start Making the Hat

Ok, to start the hat you'll need to wrap the end of your yarn to the peg on the side of your loom. Wrap it around about 3 times then knot it. When you finish wrapping you have to wrap your yarn around each peg until you have all of them, after you wrap all of them loosely wrap around the tops of the pegs. Take your hook and grab the bottom of the last peg you wrapped, pull that wrap up over the peg and you have your first knot. Do this all around the loom until all the pegs have 1 loop around them.

Step 3: Making the Rim

This step will explain how to make the rim of your hat. Once your have 12 rows finished then take the knot you tied in the beginning and untie it. Take the bottom of the 12 and take the loops and put them on the pegs. Take the bottom loops and pull them over the pegs like you would in the last step. After you do the rim you just have to crochet normally until you get the amount that will fit your head.

Step 4: Finishing Your Hat

To finish your hat you'll have to have crocheted enough to fit your head. Take your yarn and wrap around your loom to estimate the length of the ending yarn. Cut the yarn when you wrap it all the way around.  Take your hook and hook the bottom loop, then hook the top loop pull them both over the peg. Do that to all of them until your loom is empty, pull the yarn that has gone through the loops and turn your hat inside out. Tie a knot at the end of your yarn to finish your lovely hat. Turn it right side out again to put it on.

Step 5: Thank You!

Thank you for reading my Instructable and I hope you enjoyed it! here are some of the pictures of how the hat might look when its finished.
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