Introduction: Pillow Monster!

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This is a sewing project that anyone can do, these unique pillows are cute, cuddly and cool! This project will help improve your sewing skills and it's a fun thing to do when your bored so I hope you enjoy these cuddly creatures!

Step 1: What You Need

What you'll need to create your monster:

- Scissors
- Felt
- Sewing needle
- Thread
- Cotton (for filling)

(You can use buttons or scraps of felt for eyes and other features).

Step 2: Cutting Your Monster!

To cut your monster you need to cut your piece of felt in half. One half for the front one half for the back.

Step 3: Cutting Your Monsters Features

To cut your monsters features you need to cut out eyes, mouth, horns/ears, arms, and legs (optional).

Step 4: Sewing Monster's Face Together

OK, you only sew the features onto one half of the felt, then sew the arms and ears onto the sides of the felt. (Sew two triangles together for each ear so they last longer).

Step 5: Finishing the Monster!

Once you sew the features on then you have to sew the monster together, take the other half of the felt and sew all around but one side so the cotton can get into your monster. Once you sew the sides together add cotton, after you add the cotton sew the side together because your monster probably doesn't want his/her guts spilling out.

Step 6: You're Done!

Once your done with your first monster you may want to make another so your monster isn't lonely. :)

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