Introduction: Make a House Goblin Peeker

This is a wonderful little bit of decoration anyone can add to their house for the Halloween season.

Step 1: Get Yer Gourd

Find a flanged gourd. You can usually find them where ever you can find pumpkins. (i.e. farmers markets, roadside stands, orchards etc.)

Take a look at it from the end. Find one that kind of resembles a face with a down turned nose, and is fairly symetrical. Also make sure that it can balance fairly well on it's side, with the point down.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Wash the gourd so all the dirt is out of the crevices.

You will also need:

Some modeling clay (I use light yellow)
2 circles from a paper punch that are colored black. (I just colored a section of paper with a sharpie and used a 3 hole punch)

Step 3: Eyes

Pinch off a couple pieces of modeling clay and roll them into little balls about the size of a grape.

On one end stick one of your little black paper circles.

Smoosh (yes, it's a technical term) the eye in between two of the flanges along side of the gourd.

Repeat with the other side. Look at it from the front and decide if the eyes need to be adjusted, made smaller or larger, move the pupils etc.

Step 4: Paws and Claws

Pinch off a little more modeling clay and roll the clay into little snakes. Come on you all did it in Kindergarden, re-live your childhood!

Roll out 4 little snakes aproximately all the same size. Set them side by side and stick them together.

Give them a little bend over your finger.

Repeat to make the other hand.

Step 5: Set Up Your Goblin

Find a place higher up and slightly hidden, such as a book case, flower pot, plate rack, and balance your goblin so it looks like he's looking out at you.

Place your claws on either side of the goblin head and adjust them so it looks like he's holding on to the ledge.

Wait for others to spot them!

Hope you enjoyed my Instructable.

Happy Halloween!
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