Introduction: Make a Household Bin for Nearly Free

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Household bins are typically made of plastic, not that strong, not cheap and also bad for the environment. Why not make your own bin from cardboard boxes you discard on a daily basis? Chances are with the volume of boxes around one will be perfect to fit in the space by the toilet in the bathroom, or by the side of your desk.

Not only are you recycling with this project but also making something for very little cost if at all, so simple anyone can make too.

Tools and supplies needed:

Scissors, craft knife, duct tape or similar, general purpose glue (optional), double sided adhesive tape, cardboard box of a suitable size for where you want it to end up being useful.

Other details:

Cost: almost free (depending on what you use). Time to make: around 20 minutes. Skill level: very basic.

Step 1: The Box

First step is to find a box which is strong enough and the right size for where you want it to be. We all get items delivered in corregated cardboard, or for that matter use something else you have, in this case a cereal box or something else i've used, a cardboard box from a pack of beer.

If the box uses strong cardboard you can simply use a ruler and pen and mark out a line to cut the box to the desired height and use a craft knife to cut along the line; if the cardboard is thinner then you can reinforce it by bending the cardboard over and use a pen to make the fold nice and flat. This makes a nice sturdy box which is what you need.

Step 2: Stick It Down

If you have folded the card over as per the previous step, use some double-sided tape so the cardboard will stick flat to the inside part of the box. It is optional but a good idea to use a little glue (any paper glue will do) to ensure the bond is pretty permanent. Fold over the parts to complete the box.

Step 3: Make the Box Look Prettier

You cannot use paint for the box as it will warp the cardboard as it dries unless the cardboard is think and strong, so you need a material which is ideally a plastic type so it can stay cleaner, also adhesive so it will stick. I used duct tape, which is cheap to buy, opaque and available in a few colours (black is best).

On the top and bottom of the box, apply the tape to half of the box (pic 2), use a knife to cut the tape along the corner and then fold the tape over. For the rest of the box simply wrap the tape around the box.

If you use scissors to cut duct tape you end up with unusable scissors as they blades get gunky with the adhesive on the tape, so simply tear the tape, it rips easily and saves the problem.

You can also of course use the tape inside the box too if you want, however if you are using opaque bin bags for inside the bin, it isn't necessary to do the inside.

Small (pedal) bin bags are handy of course as they fit nicely inside the box and easy to discard; or if you have them, for better recycling, use paper bags for the inside of the bin.

Step 4: Finished

You end up with a strong bin, looking pretty good, with removable inside layer (bag or paper bag) for items you don't want to handle to remove.

Simple to make, cheap to make and easy enough for children to make too. Why not make the bin look more personalised by using adhesive paper or adding stickers to the bins for the children's room?

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