Introduction: Make a Little Chair Out of a Champagne Cork Holder

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This is a fun and easy thing to do with those little wire pieces that hold in a champagne cork. And with New Years Eve coming up, you know we'll have a few of those lying around!

The resulting tiny chair makes a cute little christmas ornament, or dollhouse furniture, or just an interesting little nicknack! And a neat way to save a momento from an important bottle of champagne (like from a wedding, hot date, or special event)

This is very easy, and some would say obvious, but when I first saw this done I thought it was so cool. And I figured you guys would too !


PS: We made little robots to sit in the chairs out of the corks yesterday.

Step 1: Materials

A wire champagne cork holder (similar to the one shown below) It needs to be one that the bottom wire is a separate piece from the twisted wires running down the sides.

And to bend it: Wire Pliers - bring a pair to your next New Years Party or sunday brunch, and you can be the life of the party!

Step 2: Disassembly

Remove the wire around the base by untwisting the two ends using wire pliers.
Carefully slide the wire out.

Step 3: The Legs

Curve the 4 'legs' inward to ensure the 'seat' is held securely. Turn it over and see if it sits straight. If not, play around with the legs until you have a pleasing chair like look.

Straighten the wire you removed as much as possible. (You can probably do better than I did here!)

Step 4: The Back

Shape your wire so it looks like the back of a chair. You can use any design -- here I imitated a cafe chair by twisting the center into a circle.

Obviously, the straighter you have made your wire, the neater the result will be.

Leave enough wire to attach to chair at both ends.

Step 5: Attach the Back

Attach the back to the back legs by tightly twisting the ends of the 'back' wires around the top two of the legs.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Enjoy your cute little chair!
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