Introduction: Make a Motorised Camera Slider

What is up guys, In this instructable I will be making a very simple and cheap motorized camera slider for less than 15$. Hope you are gonna like it :)

Step 1: 3d Modeling and Design

I designed all parts of a camera slider in 3d software called solidworks.

Here is a quick video how I plan and design everything up and after that I slice all parts and print them out.

Step 2: Parts for This Project

So, here are all basic parts we are gonna need to build the slider.

►Solidworks files:

►PART List:

- 1/4 inch knob:

- Pulley belt:

- Pulley Wheel:

- Linear bearing:

- Voltage regulator:

- DC Motor:

Step 3: Assembling Parts Together

So, I firstly mounted two linear bearings to the base with some very short M4 scews.

Then I attach two 50cm aluminum pipes on the left leg with a help of a hammer, slide on the base and again hammer down the remaining right leg so I get a nice a sturdy frame.

The basic sliding function is achieved, If you want you can make a manual slider without a motor which is totally fine and usable for some fast transitions but that is not what I particuraly wanted so lets use the same DC motor that I use when I made a rotary table and mount it to the frame with the same M4 nuts and bolts.

After that I secure the pulley to shaft of the motor and tighten the pulley belt with some zip ties.

Step 4: Reverse Polarity Switch

Now, we need to make a reverse polarity switch and the simplyest way to do that is to use a DPDT switch aka double pole double throw swtich, which has two seperate channels and with that simple circuit we can switch the polarity that goes to the motor.

After that I install the switch and a voltage regulator to the frame, solder up and hide the remaining wires and we are finally ready to test the slider with a 12v power supply.

Step 5: Finial Touches

It is working really good and again you could stop at that point but I want to mount my slider to the tripod so I cut a small piece of wood on my saw, drill a few holes and attach a quick release mount under the slider.

Lastly, I screw in the ¼ of an inch camera bolt and install the 9V battery so we can take our slider outside and make some crazy looking shots.

And there we have it guys, A simple and easy to make camera slider which you can take with yourself on a trip and shot some crazy videos.

Thank you for reading this instructable, if you have any questions, please leave them in the description below and also don't forget to check out a video tutorial at the end. Thanks :)

Step 6: Watch a Video