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Introduction: Make a Milk Bottle in Fusion 360

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How many of you have a glass of milk every day? Well, I hope after seeing this Instructable you will!

Step 1: Make the Bottle Body

  • Create a cylinder
  • Create a sphere on it's top surface
  • Create an offset plane
  • Create another cylinder
  • Add Fillet to the sharp edge
  • Use Shell to create the hollow space inside

Step 2: Make the Bottle Lid

  • Sketch some circles on the top surface of the bottle
  • Extrude them to some distance (2-3 mm) below and a small distance (0.5 mm) above
  • Add some fillets to the sharp edges

Step 3: Make It Work (optional)

  • Use "As-built" joint to add a sliding joint between the bottle and the lid
  • Create a motion study

Step 4: Get the Renderings!

  • Go to Render Workspace
  • Add some decals if you want

Once you save the file, it will automatically start rendering. If you have created the motion study, choose a view and render it as the motion study.

Once done, share your renderings here using the "I Made It" button!

Step 5: Apply Some Advanced Settings (optional)

This step is for those who have made this tool using my tutorial. If you already have some models of tables, you can use them too. These are the steps you need to follow to get a similar rendering.

  • Find the file of the tool in Fusion, right click and choose "Insert into current design"
  • Position it accordingly with the bottle
  • Go to the rendering workspace and apply some scene settings
  • Choose "Environment" and click on the "render" option!
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Robert Heilemann
Robert Heilemann

5 years ago

nice render, I would have been awesome if you put threads on the inside of the cap


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion. Truly speaking, I'm not that good with joints. I'm still working on it and will probably apply the feature in my next water bottle project.

Will expect your views for other projects too :)