Introduction: Make a Simple Paper Airplane

Learn how to fold a simple paper airplane!

Materials needed:
-White sheet of printer paper

Step 1: Grab a Sheet of Paper

Lay a piece of white printer paper on the table.

Step 2: Fold Paper in Half

Take the paper and fold it in half (i.e. hot dog style).

Step 3: Open Paper

Unfold the paper and lay it flat.

Step 4: Fold Corners

Grab the top right corner and fold it into the middle fold. Repeat this step with the top left corner.

Step 5: Fold in Half Again

Take the paper with the folded corners and fold in half once again.

Step 6: Fold Wings in Half

Take the paper and fold the unconnected side all the way down to the connected part of the paper. (i.e. fold the wing). Repeat this step on the other side of the paper.

Step 7: Unfold Wings and Fly!

Unfold the wings and hold the plane underneath the wings and give a good thrust. Watch the plane soar!