Introduction: Make an Ultrasonic Detection and Ranging Device at Home

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Hi! I am Sourabh Kumar, I was eager to make a Alarming radar but it failed i will try again but today I am going to guide you to Make A Ultrasonic Detection and ranging device at Home using an Ultrasonic Sensor(Transceiver) i know there are many project and and i also accept that codes are not mine i just found them on Github and then made the circuit (i will add the credit after finding the original auther and coder) , In the next post i will post my own project Alarming buzzer.lets back to the today post This radar System is made by.Arduino Board and a servo motor.You can call it Small and short range radar system because it works/detects obstacle in between 2cm to 450cm distance.With the help of Coding and Processing Software we can see the data on a graph on the computer screen.

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Step 1: Requirements to Make an Ultrasonic Radar

This is the list of parts needed to Make An Ultrasonic Radar at Home..

1 x Arduino UNO board

1 x HC-05 Ultrasonicsensor

9g Micro Servo SG90

1 x Breadboard/Mini Breadboard

Some male to male and female to female jumper wires.

Desktop or lappy with Arduino IDE and Processing Software installed in it with some basic information about how to use it.

Tool -GLU Gun

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Step 2: Basic Information About Parts and Links to Buy -

Step 3: Make Some Arrangements:-

  1. Place The Servo on a plane surface (i Placed on the Mini Breadboard).
  2. Fix it with Glu Gun.
  3. Now Fix the Ultrasonic Sensor/Ultrasonic transceivers on the top as shown in the picture above.Using Glu Gun.Now Make connection As Below.

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Step 4: Circuit Diagram and Assembly of Ultrasonic Radar:-

Ultrasonic - Arduino

VCC - VCC (5v)

Trig - D10

Echo - D11


Servo - Arduino

Brown - GND

Red - VCC(5v)

Orange - D12

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Step 5: Attachments:- Arduino + Processing File/codes

Download the Zip File From Below link Which is a zip file with .ino file, Processing.pde file and Circuit diagram.

Link 1

Ultrasonic Radar by

Link 2

Ultrasonic Radar by

Step 6: Output:-

  1. Connect the Arduino with PC through the Connecting Cable.
  2. Assemble the circuit as above Circuit Diagram.
  3. Download the Ultrasonic Radar by from above link.
  4. Extract it and find the .ino file and burn it on arduino with Arduino IDE.
  5. Download the Processing Software From Given link from Requirements.
  6. open it and open the prosesing.pde from the extracted folder.
  7. Now click on Run,(At left-top play Button)
  8. That's it you will find the Output graph As Above image.
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Step 7: Modification Alarming Radar

This is very easy project and i will modify it,Some modification you can try also-

  1. Add a Buzzer
  2. Add Led and Buzzer
  3. Add a LCD Display
  4. Wireless Output using Wifi or Bluetooth Shield.
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