Introduction: Make a VBS Script That Opens a Bunch of Windows.

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Ever want to prank someone with what most people use today? A computer! And of course you do because I don't know a single person who wouldn't. Thats why today we will make a vbs script to open a bunch of error boxes all at once. :) The best part is it won't harm your computer.

You will need
A windows 3.1 or higher computer. (No macs! Macs don't work with vbs scripts)
A victim (Computer obsessive person, annoying coworker, ect.)

Step 1: Our Sacred Basic Text Editing Software.

To type this script we're going to need notepad.
Windows 95-2000

Windows XP-7
Start>All Programs>Acessories>Notepad

If you see a white box titled Untitled - Notepad, you have my permission to move to the next step.

Step 2: Copy This Code

dim count
set object = wscript.CreateObject("")

do "error.vbs"
count = count + 1
loop until count = 20

then save this as name.vbs
you can change name to anything you want but it has to end with .vbs

Step 3: Next Script!

Open notepad again and copy this  code.

name=msgbox ("Message goes here",0+16,"Title goes here")

Now this time you have to name this specificaly error.vbs or the script will just give you a real error.

Step 4: Lots of Folds

Put these two scripts in a folder. The folder's name doesn't matter. What does matter, is that you can't put one in it's own folder. They both have to be in the same place.

Step 5: Test

Start the script that is not called title.vbs
If 20 error boxes come up then it works
If you get a real error then try recopying the code.

Step 6: Advanced Version!

This version is safe too and shuts off your computer. Open the folder and run startlots.vbs Just made this when I wanted to scare my sister. Remember to comment any problems.
                                                                Super_Nerd out