Introduction: Make a Velvet Capelet

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What you will need:

Black Velvet

Red Satin

Needle and thread

Sewing machine




Tape measure


Step 1: Fold the Velvet

To begin, you need to fold your fabric into quarters

Fold it once in half and again so that you are working on the quarter pieces.

Then find the corner of fabric where all of the folds are - or where there are no loose or open ends.

This is where you will work from

Step 2: Measure Your Neck

Before you start cutting, you need to get the radius measurement first

Start off by measuring around your neck. I got 32cm

Then divide that number in half- which came to 16cm

Finally divide it by pi or 3.14 which gave me 5cm

This is the radius for the neckline

Step 3: Draw Out the Radius

In my images, I used a highlighter because I did not have chalk, but I would recommend using chalk because the pen messed up my measurements a little.

At this point, measure out a length of string that is a bit longer than your radius - in my case 5cm.

The excess string will need to tie around the chalk, so once you have tied it off, ensure that the remaining length is still the correct size.

The go to the corner I mentioned previously where there are no free or loose ends of fabric.

Put the string on the very tip of that corner and hold it down

The chalk should be on the other side of the string

Then carefully draw out a semi-circle with the chalk into the fabric

Step 4: Cut the Top Off

Once you have your radius measured and drawn out (double and triple check to make sure everything is right)

You can cut out the line you drew

It should leave the fabric looking like the above photo

Step 5: Measure Your Length

How long you want this cape to be is entirely up to you

My fabric only allowed that mine could be about 45cm long which was ideal because I already have two floor length capes.

You decide how long or short you want it to be, fabric permitting

Step 6: Measure and Draw the Length

Now, using the same method as for the neck radius, cut off a length of string that is a little longer than what you want your capelet to be

Attach the string to chalk and then once more, draw a semi-circle that crosses the fabric

Double check it is right

Step 7: Cut Out the Fabric

Cut out the line you have drawn

You should have a full poncho by now if you open it up

Step 8: Repeat the Steps

Repeat all of these steps with the satin

A word of warning - be very very careful and precise with your measurements here

Mine were inaccurate and I ended up with too little satin that was entirely mismatched.

So fold it carefully, measure out the radius and length perfectly and cut it out to match

Step 9: Cut Open the Front

Now because you don't want a poncho, you are going to have to cut the cape open

Cut one line down only the front of the fabric

Then pin it back to the size you want it, depending on how much you want to show

I suggest you try it on a few times to be sure that it fits nicely

Do the same with the satin

Pin back however much you need to

Step 10: Cut and Pin for the Final Time

Then you can cut off the excess fabric from the front - again on both the velvet and satin

Once it is the correct size and everything is perfect, you can go ahead and pin the fabric so that you can sew the hem in

At this pint, I suggest laying the satin in so that you can sew them together.

Remember the velvet needs to be inside out with the textured part lying down

Then add the satin, the right way round - with the shiny part facing up.

Carefully pin the two together making a hem that will prevent fraying as well as keep the two pieces of fabric together

As I said, my measurements were wrong and I didn't have more satin, so I had to cut my satin into two pieces and opted to hand tack them to the inside of the velvet

Step 11: Sew

Using the machine, carefully sew your pieces together

Go as slowly as you need to

Step 12: Add a Brooch and Wear It!

Finally, once your sewing is done, find a brooch or clasp of sorts.

Add this to the front, top corners of the cape and pin it closed

For a full tutorial on how I made this, check out my video below