Introduction: Make a Mansion Using Tinkercad

Today I just made a really cool house with Tinkercad. Here is how I made it.

Step 1: Making the Piece of Land

First, you get a box, and make it flat and green. This will be your piece of land.

Step 2: Making the Main Body for the House

Now get a box, and make it taller and wider. The width of the main body should be be equal to the width of the piece of land. Then, put it on the piece of land as shown.

Step 3: Making the Pathway

This step is optional. You will need a cylinder and a box with the same height as the piece of land. Then, place the 2 shapes as shown. Remember, the cylinder part is for the fountain, and if you want to, you can remove it.

Step 4: The Door

Next, get a circular roof, and make a door with it. Put a sphere on it so that it has a doorknob. The height and width of the door can be as much as you like.

Step 5: Making the Patio

This bit makes the whole mansion look like a really cool one. Get 2 boxes, one thinner and shorter than the other, and make the smallest box into a hole. Then, group them, and attach them to the door, like so.

Step 6: Cool Windows

It is a good idea to make 4 windows, because 2 looks like a normal house and anything more than 4 looks abnormal. So, get 4 blue boxes and put them as shown.

Step 7: The Windowsills

Guess what shields your windows from dirty acid rain? Windowsills! Get 4 boxes, and make square holes in them. Place them as shown.

Step 8: The Roofs

It's really up to you how you want to make your roofs. You could choose round, steep, or even no roof! The possibilities are endless!

Step 9: The Beautiful Fountain

Make a container shape by putting a cylinderical hole into a cylinder with a bevel of 2.5. For the water, use the scribble tool to make a fountain shape.

Step 10: The Trees

For the trees, use boxes with a bevel of 2.5, and make them green. Also, put a thin, brown cylinder under it for the tree trunk. Now group and copy it and arrange the tree(s) as you like.

Step 11: The Fence

You can make any type of fence you want. Make a hole where you want to make a gate.

Step 12: The Finishing Touches

You have neary finished your mansion. You could add gates, flowers, anything!