Introduction: Make a WIFI World Clock 2

I made a battery shield for my X-Project. Now the World Clock could be on my desk without power line!

As what you have seen:

X-OLED is on the top, X-8266 is in the middle, X-Battery shield is at the bottom with a small 400mah Li-battery.

I also developed a lot of shields like DHT11,Buzzer,Button,WS2812b... for X-project.

This time I only test this battery shield.

Step 1: X-Project Member

X-8266 X1


X-Battery shield X1

400 mAh Li-battery X1

3D case X1

Step 2:

In my project. D1 is SDA,D2 is SCL.

Connection is very easy.

All the members of X-Project have the same size and the same pin map.

The only things is you need to do a little change to code.

Please follow this project:

There is a world clock example in this project.

Here I changed #include "SSD1306Wire.h"-> #include "SH1106Wire.h"




Do not forget fill WiFi name and password.

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