Introduction: Make a Wing Bolt From a Plastic Bottle

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More than once I needed a wing bolt, but I did not have one.

In this Instructable, I show you a trick how you can make a wing bolt from a bolt and a plastic bottle.

Step 1:

I cut off the bottle neck

Step 2:

I put the bolt in the vice and heated up the bottleneck with a heat-gun.

If you don't have a heat-gun, you can use an oven or a candle.

Step 3:

I used my hands and pliers to shape the wings.

Step 4:

Then I cut off the excess plastic

Step 5:

That's it! Our wing bolt is ready.

You might assume that the plastic will break, but actually it's very strong.

I could no break it with my hands.

Apart from making the wing nut, you can use this method to undo nuts and bolts in emergency situations.