Introduction: Make a Wooden Monitor Stand, With Room for a Keyboard and Mouse

I had some 5 × 5 cm poles lying around and I needed some room on my desk to work at.

List of materials:

-couple of 5x5 cm poles, other sizes will work as well.

- woodsaw

- hotglue

-2x3 cm timber to assamble the support for the monitors

-some wooden sheets to make a stirdy top

-about 1 hour of spare time

Step 1: Take Your Saw!

I sawed the poles at 30 cm and stacked them 3 high, so I have 15 cm of free space to store my keyboard and mouse.
I used some 2 × 3 cm sticks to support the board on top.
In total the monitorstand is 15 cm high, 90 cm wide and 30 cm deep.

Step 2: Stick 'em Together...

I used hot glue to bind the parts, screws will do the trick too, but I choose the lazy-man way.
Hot glue is strong enough to carry the assembly and the monitors.

In the last picture you'll see the space I have created, that otherwise was un-used.

Step 3: Final Thoughts

I used the materials that I had lying around, so it's not the best looking, but it is functional.

I hope you like this instructable,
If you've got any questions, please drop 'em in the comments section.
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