Introduction: Make a Can Star With a Beautiful Front and Backside

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With Christmas knocking on the door I had to begin with some Christmas decoration. I like the thought of reduce, recycle, reuse and the idea of free material. I went down in the basement were we collect our cans to bring them to the recycling central. With only one can and a piece of wire or cotton you can create beautiful stars. There are many tutorials how to fold a star in paper or metal. These stars are only beautiful on the front side, but I never have found a tutorial there these star have a nice backside too and it doesn’t matter if the star turns around in the wind or in your Christmas tree. In this instructables you learn how to fold a star which is nice on both sides. It’s up to you if you want the print of the can on the outside of your star or if you choose for the aluminum look and use the inside of the can for the outside of your star (inside out so to say).This is a nice activity which can drive you crazy. If you press too hard on the folds the metal will break, but don’t give up! I succeeded after the third time but my daughter succeeded right away. So take a soda or a beer , drink it and let’s start.

Step 1: The Three Ingrediens: a Can, Wire and Glue

Only one can, a piece of wire and a little bit glue to mount the wire (this is optional)

Step 2: And These Are the Tools You Need

This is what you need to make your star.

- A can (or more)

- Scissors (I use two pairs one with a sharp point and small one. Don’t worry about you scissors as the aluminum is so thin

- A knife

- A glass or other round form as a template

- A journal or newspaper (something which is a little bit softer than your table so you can make an incision on the aluminum)

- A pen (or metal embossing tools) and a marker

- Wire and pliers (optional or cotton thread)

Sooooo ready let’s start. Start to do the disses, clean your can and put it upside down for the water so come out.

Step 3: Remove the Top and Bottom of Your Can

Start to make a hole in your can by pressing the point of your scissors on the top of your can (see first picture). Give your scissors a twist and open the hole a bit more. (You also can use a side cutting can opener to remove the top first) Cut all the way round to remove the “shoulder” of the can. Please watch out for the sharp edges, you can easily cut yourself. Now cut down to the bottom of the can and make sure you keep the logo intact. Remove the bottom.

Step 4: Flatten Your Metal

The metal is quite curly so I always try to flatten it before I start to work with it. I do it this way: take one end of the metal in one hand and the other end in the other hand. Flatten the metal by lightly bend in the opposite direction or over the edge of your table. This will help to flatten. Put your metal plate on the journal.

Step 5: Cut a Circle

Use your template. Put it on the metal and draw with your pen (or embossing tools) around your template to indent a line. Cut out your two circles.

Step 6: Fold the Mountain Folds Part 1

Start with the mountain folds. The mountain folds are the folds coming towards you if you looking at the star (See first picture).

Fold the circle in the middle and press smoothly on the folding line, If you press too hard on the folds the metal will break. Open the circle and fold it the opposite way. Open it again, your circle is divided in four parts.

Step 7: Fold the Mountain Folds Part 2

Continue folding in the same way folding your circle in equal parts. You have to repeat folding four times. You ending up with a circle dividing in 8 parts. Look at the pictures and I think you will get it! Repeat step 6 & 7

Step 8: Folding or Pressing the Valey Folds

Make valley folds on both circles. Take the backside of your knife and press the metal between to folds down (support the mountain folds on the backside) and push the maintain folds toward each other. Repeat 8 times at the end you will have 8 mountain folds and 8 valley folds.

Step 9: Cut Notches on the Mountain Folds on Inside of Your to Parts

Mark a point on your scissors 1 cm from the scissors top. Place the star with the inside towards you. Place the mark on the edge of mountain fold (A fold that’s coming towards you) and cut almost to the end of your scissors. Repeat on all the mountain folds on both parts (circles). Bent the two ends towards each other. Repeat on other circle.

Step 10: The Wire

Bent a loop with pliers on top and on the end of the wire. You can also take a cotton threat to hang your star. Mount it on the back side circle. You can put a bit of glue on the wire to secure your star. You can take a look at this instructables if you want to learn how to straighten wire.

Step 11: Mount Your Star

Open the points slightly on the back of your front side (and cut the edges round optional) mount front and back side together by putting these parts together and fold the front around the back. OOOOO sorry this part is so difficult to describe please take a look at the pictures and I think you will get it.

Step 12: Inspiration: What to Do With Your Star

Some more inspiration. Have fun I hope you enjoyed this instructables.

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Bye Bye Amaries.

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