Introduction: Make a Cookie Cutter!

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So you want to cut out cookie shapes but none of the cookie cutters at the store are your style and you don't feel like waiting/spending/the effort of ordering something from the internet...well don't worry because making cookie cutters requires few (2) tools and even fewer (1) materials.

You'll probably want some paper and a pencil, but you could skip this if it pleases you.

Materials you will need are some thin steel or copper. As far as tools go you'll need a pair of tin snips/shears and some needle nose, or even parallel, pliers.

You could also make a personalized set of cookie cutters as a present, the person you give it to will be amazed by this unique gift.

*the cookie cutter in the picture is made to look like the head of NuuttiPukki, A Finnish mythological character who was like a goat-elf and the basis for modern Santa Claus.

Step 1: Start by Drawing (if You Want)

It may make it a bit easier to form the sheet how you want to if you begin with drawing the outline of what you want your cookies to look like; make it the exact size you want and keep in mind how long your metal is (it does not go as far as you think).

Step 2: Cut Your Metal Into Strips.

Cut your metal into strips, about an 1"/3cm can be as thin or as thick as you like but it will be easier to handle if it's thicker and easier to bend if it's thinner so make your own choices.

Step 3: Bend Your Metal

Hold the metal perpendicular to the paper starting on one of the lines and bend the metal wherever there is a change in the lines direction.

Step 4: Finishing (1 of 2)

To finish the cookie cutter close the shape and crimp the metal together.

Step 5: Finishing (2 of 2)

Crimp the metal one more time and bend the crimp to lay flat on the form.

Step 6: It's Time to Cut.

I ran out of metal so I had to change my design but the Nuutti Pukki head, I think, looks pretty good and will turn out some nice cookies. Good luck and have fun baking!

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