Introduction: Make a Model Rocket Parachute

Here is a simple way to make a parachute out of household items. 
These chutes will work with model rockets, and other hand thrown items.
All that is needed is:
• Plastic film, a trash can liner or other thin plastic sheet about 20" square.
• Dental floss, or other high strength light weight string.
• Tape, masking or cellophane packing.
• Ruler, marker (permanent), and scissors.

Step 1: Mark Center, Fold, and Cut

Mark a circle and dot in the center.  This is for reference to cut a spill hole later if wanted.
Fold this in half, then into 3 equal parts.
Add a little tape to hold it in this position.
Mark equal length down each side and then cut square across the bottom.
In this case I made a 17" parachute.

Step 2: Measure Out Cords and Attach

Measure out 3 cords that go from a corner to the middle of the opposite edge to the adjacent corner.
Make a tape mounting pad about 1/2"
Make a loop in one end of a cord and attach to the parachute at a corner.
The tape side is the outside of the parachute. 
Attach the other end to the adjacent corner.
Do this with the other 2 cords.
You should now have all corners attached to strings.

Step 3: Gather and Tie

Gather up the 6 corners, so you can pull the cords even.
Tie a knot in the end and your ready to mount in the rocket.