Introduction: Make a Simple Arduino Code

We will make a simple code that turn on the led and wait for 1 second

then turn off the led and wait for 1 second

Step 1: Step1: Parts We Need

1-any arduino but for this example use Uno

2- wires male-male but you can connect the led directly to arduino

3- Bread board

4- led

5- any resistance you need like 1K ohm or 330 ohm

Step 2: Step2: Connect the Resistance to Led

connect the resistors to the tallest pin in led

Step 3: Step3: Connect the Led to the Arduino

then connect the pin that we connect the resistors to the pin 13

and the other pin to the ground

Step 4: Step4: Then the Arduino Cod

we will see the comments that describe the functionality of the code

Step 5: Step5: Finally

We finished

I hobe that you enjoy

and i make you to love arduino more