Introduction: Make Data Base for Your School With Arduino


today we will make a project the school to make a data base for absent student

to know who is absent that day

Step 1: What We Will Need

we will need :

1-Arduino Uno

2-Wires (male-male&male-female)

3-9 volt battery

4-Bread Board

5-RFID Reader (Sensor)

6-RFID Tags

7-Push Button

8-LCD (2*16)

9-Potentiometer (for setup the brightness of the background of lcd)

10-any old box to set them in it to make our system

Step 2: Wiring

We will connect the lcd to the arduino:

1-pin 1 lcd-GND(3 pin inPotentiometer and arduino)

2-pin 2 lcd-5 v(1 pin in Potentiometer and arduino)

3-pin 3 lcd-pin 2 in Potentiometer

4-pin 4 lcd-pin 12 in arduino

5- pin 5 lcd in GND

6- pin 6 lcd in pin 9 arduino

7-pin 11 lcd in pin 5 arduino

8-pin 12 lcd in pin 4 arduino

9-pin 13 lcd in pin 3 arduino

10-pin 14 lcd in pin 2 arduino

11-pin 15 lcd in 5 v in arduino

12 -pin 16 lcd in GND in arduino

and connect the RFID Rx in pin 10 in arduino

and Tx in pin 11 in arduino and connect the 5 v in vcc and GND in GND

and connect the switch in pin 6 arduino

Step 3: The Code

the code is simply about data base but it is design for school

Step 4: Finally

We finished and you could customize the code as you wish for what you need

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