Introduction: Make a Simple Pocketknife Case/pouch in Under 10 Minutes!!!

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you can make a case for just about anything using this process...

what you need:
-tape (i used scotch tape for the inside, and electrical tape for the outside)
-item you will be making the case for
-a few minutes and patience!

Step 1: Making the Inside

i decided to use scotch tape for the inside, so i could conserve my electrical tape. any tape works for this project. you will be wrapping the item with the tape inside out, (sticky side out). cross the tape for the end, or tip. once done wrapping, remove the sleeve, don't wrap it too tight or it will be hard to get off. then put it back on.

Step 2: Wrapping the Outside

now, take your chosen tape (this will be the outside), and begin to wrap the top half, over the inside out tape. make sure you don't wrap it too tight or it will be hard to get the sleeve off. cross the tape to form the end, (tip) and then wrap over it for the best results. i decided to wrap it once more to make a smoother final wrap. this is also stronger. then take the sleeve off, and cut it as shown to make a perfect edge.

Step 3: Final Product

this is how it should look. make cases for pocket knives, scissors, anything! you could even make a simple belt loop too if you wish. the only thing wrong i see with electrical tape is inside your pocket it may become gooey or nasty. in this case use a scotch tape or something less sticky.

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