Introduction: Make a Wind Chime

Super easy to make wind chime, made with leftover materials from other projects, total cost $0

Materials needed:
nylon string 
scrap wood (solid wood, not pressed such as mdf or plywood. if/when it gets wet it will eventually fall apart)
aluminium tube

Tools needed:
jig saw 
hack saw
tape measure
sand paper
drill bit (a little bit bigger than the size of the thread)

first step... figure out what you want it to look like.
I made mine to have 6 chime thingies with a hexagon mount.

Step 1:

On the piece of wood you're going to want to draw out the shape of the top mount, the middle piece that chimes the aluminium and the bottom wind catcher thing.
Once drawn out on wood cut them out. i used a jig saw for this.

Using the drill, drill a hole in the center of the piece that chimes and holes in the top mounting piece. See the picture for an explanation of the holes
Once you have all your holes driller grab your sand paper and sand everything down, round all the edges/corners.The smoother and nicer the finish you have the better it will look in the long run, so take your time.

Step 2:

Next wipe down all the wood with a lint free rag to take care of any saw dust. i like to vacuum the pieces too.
Grab a stain that tickles your fancy and stain the pieces. brush on, wait, wipe off. 
I gave each piece two coats and let them dry overnight.

Once the stain is dry give the pieces a few coats (I did 3) of clear coat and again let it sit overnight to dry.

Step 3:

While your pieces are drying take the time to cut the aluminium tubing.
Not sure where i got mine from bu its basically an aluminium shower curtain rod. It is about and inch in diameter, thin walled so it has a nice chime.

Cut it into 6 pieces at different lengths. My longest one is 20" long and each piece is 1" shorter than the previous.
Once you have all the pieces cut, mark them all at equal distances from the end of each pipe. I did 4" from the end.

Step 4:

Now come putting it all together.
I started with the strings that will hang the wind chime. I cut 3 pieces of string each about 10" long.
Tie a knot on one end and thread the string through the top piece of wood and also through opposite corner and tie a knot to secure it. (see picture) Repeat for the other two strings.

Step 5:

Now on a new piece of string tie a know on one end and thread it through the wood catcher piece. 
Then about 18' up from that tie a knot in the string and slide on the piece that chimes.
About 12' from the piece that chimes tie another knot and slide the top mount on.
Once on tie another know to keep it all in place.

Sorry its kinda hard to explain, i hope the pictures help. 
Let me know if you have questions!!

Step 6:

attaching the aluminum "chimers"

Cut 6 equal lengths of sting. I cut mine 13.5" long so the chimers will hang 6" below the top piece. (1" for the diameter of the pipe and 1/2" for the knots)
On each piece of string tie a knot on one end and feed it through one of the holes in the corner, through the hole you drilled in the aluminum pipe, back up and through the top piece again and tie another knot to secure it all.

Again see pictures to help clear it up and let me know if you need something explained better.

Hang it up and enjoy the sounds!

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