Introduction: Make an Annoying Paper Thing

this is my second instructable. This is how to make a bang similar to when you stomp on a milk carton. with a piece of paper.

Step 1: Get a Normal 81/2 by 11 Paper.

holes, no holes lines, no lines, doesn't matter. if it has holes make them on the bottom in the pictures.

Step 2: 2

valley fold on the line. its is about 2 inches from the bottom.

Step 3: 3

fold up again along the raw edge of the flap you just created. the gray area is the backside of the paper.

Step 4: 4

fold in half , the short way. make shure the roll of folds is on the outside.

Step 5: 5

this is the result. the next step will be tricky, so pay attention.

Step 6: Hard Part

ok. the left edge of the picture is the fold. hold the uppper left corner and pull it down. it should end up like the the picture.

Step 7: Last

ok, your going to want to "inflate" the two big top triangles ( they're one on top of the other) so the poof out. hold were the picture shows and snap down ward like your going to make a crater with a baseball but don't let go.

Step 8: Here's My Popper.

these are pictures of a finished popper. you hold it in the way shown when in use.